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Mini Habits for Weight Loss

I had a lot of fun putting my recent webinar together. Many of you viewed it live and some have caught the replay. The feedback I received from the audience was that the content on Mini habits was helpful. I will review some of the content in this email.

As most of you know, over my life I have been a yo-yo dieter and finally have released 80 pounds for good. Creating habits that I follow daily has helped me maintain my weight loss. In the past, I would go on a diet with an end date or goal in site. Once I achieved my goal I would gradually revert to my old habits and then be surprised when I gained back all the weight plus a few more bonus pounds. Finally, I realized that permanent changes were needed. I am thrilled that I have now maintained my weight loss for over a year. This time I do not worry about gaining the weight back because I know that I have changed my behavior for good by adopting new habits that I will maintain for the rest of my life.

Stephen Guise - Mini Habits for Weight Loss

I found Guise's book a useful tool on my journey. The author emphasizes the importance of consistency over all else. Mini goals are a useful tool to help achieve consistency because they are such small goals or habits that it is easy to meet them when you are low on both motivation and willpower.

Examples of mini habits include meditating for one minute a day; stretching one body part; doing one push up; or drinking one glass of water in the AM. You get the idea-something so easy that you can show up for yourself and achieve it every single day. This is the baseline minimum and of course you are welcome to do more. The good thing about this is that you can meet your goals when you are having a bad day or even on a super busy day. This creates lots of wins and builds momentum. You start to feel unstoppable.

When I finally realized that my past habits had created my excess weight, I was empowered to create new habits to achieve the outcome I desired. Lasting change requires only one thing, consistent action over time. My consistent habits include consuming my daily green smoothie, drinking water, and writing down what I eat daily.

What habits are you going to try? Hit reply and let me know.

Mary Welch, NP

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