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How Poor Diet Contributes to Coronavirus Risk

Many of my patients have asked me what they can do to reduce their chance of catching the corona virus. Besides wearing a mask, washing hands, and keeping their hands away from their face, consuming a more wholesome diet is a good strategy as the article link below describes.

My husband shared this NY Times article with me about how poor diet contributes to corona virus risk. I thought you would all benefit from reading it too. So here is the link.

I was surprised to read that fewer than one American adult in five is metabolically healthy. The fact that poor diet is “now the leading cause of poor health in the U.S. and the cause of more than half a million deaths per year was eye opening to me.

The good news near the end of the article is that by shifting to a more wholesome diet with less processed food and more fruits and vegetables study participants were able to reduce their risk of death by 40% and decrease their medical costs by 80%. I found this to be encouraging and empowering. We can improve our health and outcomes simply by paying attention to the quality of food with which we fuel our bodies.

I’ve started eating strawberries and blueberries regularly this week. They are in season and taste so good. They are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory

What processed food are you willing to remove from your diet?

What wholesome food will you try? Hit reply and let me know.

Mary Welch, NP

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