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I ignored chronic kidney disease for years...

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

In 2014, I was 46-years old when I developed abnormal kidney lab results after I did a low calorie, high-protein diet that helped me release 55 pounds. I was not too alarmed about my kidney fuction of 47% (stage 3 kidney disease) and figured the decline was a result of the high protein diet. I was happy to finally be at 175 pounds. I gradually went back to my old way of eating and by 2018 I had regained the 55 pounds I lost plus added a few more. I was shocked to see the scale reading of 236 pounds. At that time, my lab work showed my kidneys were still abnormal. Their function had increased to 55%, but that was still stage 3 kidney disease. Now I was worried. Why, at the age of 50, were my kidneys not perfect? In the past, I thought the abnormality was due to the high protein diet, but I had been off of that for 4 years. Now I had to look for another answer. As a nurse practitioner, I went through the list of some contributing factors for Chronic Kidney Disease...

  • Hypertention--no, my blood pressure runs low

  • Diabetes--no (not yet--Hgb A1C normal)

  • Obesity--Yes--I had a Body Mass Index of 37-which put me in Class 2 Obesity

  • Polycystic kidney disease--no--I had a normal kidney ultrasound

  • Chronic inflammation--Yes--I was eating lot's of sugar and processed foods

I was glad when the ultrasound showed that my kidneys were OK and that I did not have a blockage or a tumor but it forced me to consider that my obesity and inflammatory diet was putting my kidneys at risk. I started reading up on kidney diesase and found that 1 in 3 US adults are at risk for chronic kidney disease. I also read that if it was found and treated early, it was possible to prevent it from getting worse. Although I felt like a total failure at weight loss after regaining all the weight I lost in 2014, I was determined to try again to see if losing weight following a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet could help restore my kidney function (I hoped to avoid worsening my kidney function and possibly needing dialysis in the future). I was scared to try and lose weight again and I was terrified that I would fail. I knew I needed support to help guide me along the way. I invested in a coach in September 2018 because I was determined to take back my health. I wanted to be 50 and fablulous. I wanted to live a long and healthy life so I could see my 9-year old son grow up. My coach helped me reduce inflammation by eating whole foods and helped me release weight with ease. She kept me accountable and fouced on my journey to better health. She coached me through plateaus and helped me think differently. She helped me develop strategies for success through any obstacles that might get in my way. By May 2019, I had released 75 pounds eating a well-balanced nutritious, gut-friendly diet. I was no longer obese and my kidney function had returned to normal. I was thrilled that I was able to restore my kidney health. I did not lose weight this time with any gimmicks or products. I finally realized that this is a lifestyle and I want to remain healthy for life. I know I will not regain weight this time. In fast, I am still releasing weight 2 years later. Today, my total weight loss is 86.6 pounds and I weighed in at 146.6 pounds. First time under 150 pounds that I can recall in my adult life. I would love to help you take back your health. For the past year, I have coached several clients who are releasing weight eating healthy food. I would be honored to help you reach your health goals. If you would like to talk to me, click on the button below. I took back my health and I would love to help do the same for you. Please click on the link below and schedule a free health vision call with me.

Happy Healthy 2021, Mary

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