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Say goodbye to the Halloween candy

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

All that sugar will increase insulin levels and shut down fat burning, not to mention eating it will trigger your sweet tooth right away!

Say no the next time you're offered some chocolate goodies or ghostly Gobstoppers - save yourself from gaining 5-10 lbs by the end of the year simply by avoiding these tempting treats altogether.

I know what it is like to regain weight. I recently started consuming more carbohydrates and sweet treats but was frightened by how quickly 20 pounds piled onto my frame.

3 weeks ago, I recommitted to adopting sugar/flour free eating as the plan of attack for my weight loss...10lbs have already been released thanks to this lifestyle change - so if you need some help to reach your weight loss goals faster than expected don't hesitate to ask for help. Let's hop on a free call and get you started on the path to weight loss success.

Take care,
Mary Welch, NP

P.S. Use this link to book a free call with me to explore your weight loss goals.

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