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Elaine M - Released 30 pounds

I originally met Mary while I was taking a mentorship program for breast cancer. I was inspired by her story and success in releasing 85lbs.

My background for 30 years was in nutrition industry. I knew the right things to do but was having trouble navigating through and implementing to achieve success. It’s not a one size fits all concept.

Working with Mary she immediately ordered testing to determine my gut health, inflammation, etc. She tailored a program through some trial and error to find what worked best for me which led me to a 30lb+. weight loss. In addition to releasing the weight, I was able to improve all levels measured with my bloodwork; particularly fasting blood sugar under 100 and A1C 5.6, triglyceride level which was high down to a normal level of under 150 and was 116 (lowest ever).

Most of all I’ve learned how damaging sugar is to the body. Eating healthy whole foods and eliminating processed foods and incorporating exercise has been the key to my success. Support from Mary and her clients has been a key component to success.

I’m not done yet, my goal is to take off another 20lbs. in preparation for a 2nd knee replacement in March 2022. One down one to go!

If you find yourself struggling and not able to achieve the results you desire, I strongly suggest you consult with Mary. She will assist you in achieving your goals.

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