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Kerry B - Released 30 pounds

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Mary’s advice, counsel, overall plan and unique expertise helped me get my weight gain under control and increased my mobility and overall well being.

I’m an endurance athlete who has participated in numerous triathlons and endurance races for many years. I came to Mary when I was training at a very high level but unable to control my weight gain and inflammation. I was embarrassed and felt a lot of soreness and frustration. I had hit a true wall on where to turn.

Working with Mary I learned I was fueling in an entirely wrong way. Her evaluation and coaching helped me to very specifically zone in on what was not working for me and create an effective personalized plan that not only resulted in a 30 pound weight loss but has helped me create more lean muscle and become a much stronger runner and overall competitor.

In addition, by learning from Mary how to remove hidden sugars that athletes often inadvertently take in and fuel with the correct nutrients at the correct times I reduced inflammation and essentially eliminated arthritis pain in my foot that to that point I accepted as a normal part of aging and wear and tear from racing. I feel better running now than I did 20 years ago. In fact, I feel like a totally different person, lighter with increased mental sharpness and overall energy. I’m also a mom who needs that around-the-clock energy.

Mary’s coaching style is encouraging, supportive and based on real science and results. If you are struggling or stumble along the way she’s got your back with both kindness and beyond valuable guidance. I highly recommend working with her. I’m forever grateful for all she did for me and know her program is an absolute game changer.

Kerry B, Virginia

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